Artificial Electronic Larynx Speech Speaker
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Artificial Electronic Larynx Speech Speaker


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With the help of the sound guide hose, new patients, even those who have just undergone surgery, can rebuild their language and use the Electronic Larynx immediately to communicate with their families.

Who Can Use It?

It is specially developed for Laryngectomy and Aphasia.
Total Laryngectomy: Patients who were unable to speak because of vocal cord resection; It is suitable for 95% patients with laryngeal tumor resection but complete tongue.
Hemilaryngectomy: Patient whose half of the vocal band was removed and speaks in a very low voice.

Six Core Advantages:

1. Dual Core Smart Chip
2. Six Bands Volume Adjusting
3. Six Bands Frequency Adjustment
4. Intelligent Circuit Protection
5. Wide Range of Language Recognition
6. Excellent Waterproof

Below 4 Key Points to Excise Speaking

First, adjust the sound frequency and volume,
Beginners – medium audio and volume,
After proficiency, you can adjust the audio and volume by yourself.

1. Find a good voice transmission point In the upper part of the neck, i.e. laryngectomy site skin thin and soft parts, the upper part of the neck or left and right sides of the center, import electronic voice.
2. Just like normal people they will stop breathing in a few seconds when speaking.
3. Open your mouth as wide as possible to amplify.
4. The key points to eliminate noise: press ON/OFF and A simultaneously to speak and release the when speaking is over.

Other Models

The principle of an electronic (artificial) larynx is to have an external mechanical sound source that is substituted for the
larynx. This method of speaking is quickly and easily learned, produces a strong sound, is powerful, requires a device with
batteries, and the use of one hand. It requires turning the device on before and off after speaking.

The vibrations are generated by an external battery operated vibrator (called electrolarynx or artificial – larynx) which is
usually placed on the cheek or under the chin. It makes a buzzing vibration that reaches the throat and mouth of the user. The person then modifies the sound using his/her mouth to articulate the speech sounds.

Even though using an electrolarynx is not hard, practice is required to improve communication and ensure one is understood. Your Speech Language Pathologist can adjust the settings on the electrolarynx and teach you how to ensure the best possible speech.

Although it may be frustrating to use at first, with proper training and practice, most people can become very effective with out product in a very short period of time. If possible, it is a good idea to hold and operate the our electronic larynx in one's
non-dominant hand since it frees up the other hand to write.

The advantage of our artificial larynx is:
* voice is restored after surgery immediately
* maintenance of the hardware is minimal

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