3 in 1 Diamond Microdermabrasion Dermabrasion Machine

3 in 1 Diamond Microdermabrasion Dermabrasion Machine


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What is Diamond Miceodermabrasion Machine?

*It is a creative improvement of the Micro-crystal Dermabrasion. The Diamond Dermabrasion provided a non-surgical skin refinish procedure, by using sterile diamond heads to abrade or rub off the top skin layer, then vacuuming out the particles along with any dirt and dead skin back up. This procedure removes skin debris, imperfections, blemishes, wrinkles and unwanted pigmentation on the skin.

*Moderate usage of Diamond Dermabrasion, accompany with skin products that penetrate through top skin layer that reach the dermis level, helps to replenish natural nutrients, restore cell activity, and promote skin health. All of the tips are made delicately and can directly close to skin for a safe and hygenic treatment. There is no need for crystal cartridges or an air pump to deliver the crystals to the skin, so that there is no scars and will not hurt skin.


Voltage: 110V/60Hz
Power: 65 VA
Fuse: 2A
Suction Power: 0-55cmHg
Package Size: 31*2420CM
Gross weight: 2.5kg


By using a sterile diamond tip for peeling, a non-surgical skin resurfacing procedure can be provided. Then wipe off the dead cells on the superficial skin, and then use a vacuum cleaner/vacuum cleaner to remove all dirt and dead skin particles. (▲▲https://youtu.be/9qp1eBOU2kQ)

This step can remove debris, scars, blemishes, wrinkles and uneven skin tone on the skin. After purchasing this machine, please contact us for operating instructions.

Skin peeling machine with 3 functions: 1. Diamond microdermabrasion for facial scrub 2. Vacuum function for removing blackheads 3. Spray function for skin moisturizing. (9 diamond heads, 3 glass wool heads for vacuum cleaning and 2 special bottles for spraying).

Preparation before treatment:
1. Consultation includes skin examination and treatment plan.
2. The operator should wear vinyl gloves and a mask.
3. On oily or acne-prone skin, use a steamer before treatment, or use a degreasing lotion before cleaning agents.
4. Clean the skin with cleansing gel or water, and then wipe with a cotton pad. Let the skin dry.
How to use it ?
1.Wash your face and skin and dry with a towel.
2.Before using the instrument, please apply a layer of 2-3mm gel on your skin area.
3.Adjust propor enorgy level on area to be treated. For the first time, please try from the lowest energy level. Wait until you get used to it, then increase the energy level.
4.Move the handle gently & slowly to massage your skin.
5.After use, please apply cream on your face to moisturize. In addition, you should pay attention to sunscreen.
Warm tips:
1.Reminder:This device is a personal household device, the suction power is not very large, the range is 0-55cmHg. ** 2) Please start with the lowest setting and gradually increase the vacuum.
2.Do not use in the following areas: 1. Sensitive skin; 2. Skin rash; 3. Skin damage, inflammation or infection; 4. Surgical scars less than 12 months old; 5. Skin swelling; 6. The probe cannot be pointed at the eyeball; 7. Genitals.
Do not use in the following areas:
1. Sensitive skin;
2. Rash;
3. Skin damage, inflammation or infection;
4. The surgical scar is less than 12 months old;
5. Swelling of the skin;
6. The probe cannot point to the eyeball;
7. Genitalia

This package contains:

1* Diamond beauty Machine;
1* PVC vacuum hose 6*4; 3* Diamond pen;
1* Pens box & foam;
9* Diamond Head;
1* Heads box & foam;
3* O-rings; 2pack* Cotton Filter;
1* Power cord
3* Fuse; 1* English Manual

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EU plug, US plug, UK plug, AU plug


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